Mitch Alderson June 8, 2017

A little confession, I’m pretty new to the Facebook ad game. I do, however, know what makes an interesting video, my first test run has been enlightening.


I’ll admit, not the best drone video ever, just something that I threw together for this experiment. I created a simple video ad, set a very budget level fixed price of $10 a day for four days and published.

Less than a week later, the video had 3,400 views, 52 video likes, 20 new page followers, 16 shares, 10 comments! Pretty good audience participation for an ok video at about $0.01 per view. Contrast that with the same amount of money spent on a text/photo ad for my website with very targeted keywords and a well-shot photo that grossed about 15 likes and maybe 15 clicks a day.

Video content is king, harness it!