Mitch Alderson June 12, 2017

Youtube is great for a lot of purposes, but sometimes it makes sense for an organization or business to host their videos on a private server. Whether for more control over privacy, faster load speed, or just to drive traffic to your site with an exclusive video, private hosting is relatively straightforward to set up and maintain.

Preface: Why You Shouldn’t Upload Videos to Your Website Server

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You’re probably thinking ” I already pay for a website host, I’ll just upload my videos to WordPress.” Bad idea! Web servers are configured to display relatively small files, such as webpages and photos, quickly. Upload even a small video on your web server and just a few users viewing it could crash the whole thing! A cloud service like Amazon Web Services (or Google Cloud Platform) are equipped to handle the massive data load that even a small number of viewers can create.

Hosting Your First Video in about 15 minutes (Minus Upload Time)

In this tutorial I will be using Amazon Web Services, I’m not sponsored in any way by them, I just prefer their service to Google’s.

After creating an account, click on the S3 service in the Storage tab.

Create a new bucket, which is basically a file folder. Enter a name, leave all other settings alone.

Upload a video like you would on any other video site.

Make sure to set the permissions in the Everyone tab to Read

Click on your video and the file link will be listed.

Now head over to JWPlayer. Create a free account, and drop your video link into the Quick Publish URL field

The embed code screen will automatically pop up, click on IFRAME, and copy the code.

In WordPress, Open the page or post you want the video in and click on the little video embed icon:

Paste your code from earlier, and the video will appear in your post!


Back on the JWPlayer website, you can add a thumbnail image to your video:

Final Outcome: